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Bhathri Technologies translates your IT vision into reality and creates powerful solutions to fulfill your business goals. We offer full lifecycle application development services across multiple technology platforms. Each of the application development phases is governed by metrics which can be tracked with appropriate project management tools.

Our application development capabilities encompass the following technologies: .NET, .Net Remoting, ABAP, Apache, ASP, AWK, C, C#, C++, Cascading Style Sheets, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Cobol, COM, Crystal Reports, EAI, Flash Action Scripting, FoxPro, JavaScript, JTAPI/TSAPI, JSP, VB, VB.NET, VBA, Visual C++.

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Bhathri Technologies is integration of Open Source technologies in IT projects provides the advantages of agility, scalability and


Bhathri Technologies provides vast Testing services in Web Based applications, Client Server based applications, Mobile Applications

Application Maintenance

Bhathri Technologies Services has considerable experience and expertise in application development and maintenance.